Code Handle® Door

Smart Locking, Smart looking

ASSA ABLOY Code Handle® Door is a handle with a built-in code lock. It is battery-powered, so no wiring is needed. You can fit it in just a few minutes since everything is housed inside the handle. And because there is no need to modify the door, you can easily move the handle if needed.


  • For easy and convenient locking/unlocking of interior door.E.g. Office doors, consultation rooms, store applications (e.g. staff doors)


  •  “Access Filtering”
  • Easy locking without key
  • No wiring
  • Master code and up to 9 user codes.
  •  Blocking function if wrong code is entered five times
  • Auto or manual locking


  • Indoor use only
  • Fits lock cases with DIN, ANSI and other relevant standards
  • Two CR2, 3V lithium batteries tested, for approx 30 000 cycles (1 cycle = 1 opening and locking operation)
  • 4-6 digit code
  • Material: brushed stainless steel and satin chrome zinc
  • Indication for battery change
  • Tested to at least 100 000 operations, according to EN 1906
  •  Fire tested according to EN 1363